Monday, January 31, 2005

Typhoon is a Dud

UK-based Scotsman.com reports on the new European fighter, the Typhoon. Link.
THE seriously delayed and massively over budget Eurofighter Typhoon is so unreliable it is barely airborne, according to the German government, which has just taken delivery of a squadron of the £60m planes.

The new fighter-bomber, being jointly built by the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, also lacks some of the most basic systems to protect it over the modern battlefield and has been plagued with technical problems.

A report prepared for the defence committee of the German parliament said that the eight aircraft bought for the air force spent an average of just one hour a week in the air because components had to be replaced so frequently.(...)

They also lack one of the most basic defences against missile attack - decoy flares.

The flares, which are often made from magnesium, are fired from aircraft and used to fool heat-seeking missiles.

The reason that the lack of decoy flares is so much of a concern is the fact that many terrorist organisations have access to shoulder-launched heat-seeking missiles which are easy to carry and use and can destroy an aircraft.

I don't see what the problem is. In a total-welfare-state EU , the only reason for defense procurements is to create jobs. If the weapon system actually works, this is just a freebie extra. In this case, there was no freebie extra.


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