Friday, January 21, 2005

A New Anti-American Alliance?

Charles Krauthammer points out the growing closeness between Russia and China and its shades of anti-Americanism. Link.
Putin's Russia, already moving decisively back to traditional Czarist authoritarianism, then suffers political defeat in Ukraine, which it considers its natural patrimony. This only compounds and embitters the feeling of alienation from the West in general, and from the United States in particular.

It is no accident that Russia then begins hinting at making common cause with China. This is potentially ominous because of China's rising power and its status as the leading have-not nation on the planet, the Germany of the 21st century. In December, during the week of the rerun Ukrainian election that finally brought the pro-Western Viktor Yuschenko to power, Russia made two significant moves toward China. First was the announcement of intensified economic cooperation in developing Russia's vast energy resources. More ominous was the Russian defense minister's Dec. 27 announcement of, ``for the first time in history,'' large joint military exercises on Chinese territory.

China in turn is developing relationships with such virulently anti-American rogue states as Iran. Add such various self-styled anti-imperialist flotsam as Syria, North Korea, Cuba and (Chavez's) Venezuela, and you have the beginnings of a significant ``anti-hegemonic'' bloc -- aimed at us.

Russia and China each have their own reasons for cooperating with us to some degree when it comes to the war on terror. However, they have even stronger reasons for seeking each other's help in opposing the spread of democracy, which is becoming the central theme of American foreign policy under the Bush presidency.

I just hope they do not find another ally in the U.S. State Department below the secretaries. I think in Condi Rice we will have a Secretary of State who will come down very hard on any department factions who actively try to fight the spread of democracy.


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