Monday, January 24, 2005

How the Media Crushed Dean in Iowa

The Washington Times has a interesting analysis of the systematic campaign of the MSM to tear down Howard Dean in Iowa. Link.

The article describes a three-step process. Step One was to run "Dean is dropping and Kerry is rising" articles when it wasn't true and Dean was up by 30 points. The point was to create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Step Two: Eleven days before the caucus, NBC News ran a feature on Dean's appearances on a Canadian TV show. They chose to feature the segment in which he criticized the Iowa caucus. In the debate a few days later, the other candidates attacked Dean for insulting the voters of Iowa. His lead, which step One had already dropped to 11 points, dropped further to one point.

Step Three was the piling on that continued for days following the "scream speech.
"The media, not the voters, chose the winner of the 2004 Democratic primaries. Not only was this action unprofessional and completely unethical, but it had a direct impact on the general election.

Sadly, while the media is quick to go after others for mistakes, it erects a wall of "No Comment" when it comes to its ethical lapses. As Dan Rather and CBS News President Andrew Heyward conveniently disappeared during their public flogging, so too do most media people when asked about the robbing of Mr. Dean.
They didn't do it because they hated the left-wing of the Democratic Party, their natural constituency, but because they came to believe that Bush would handily beat Dean, but Kerry, also from the left but better at hiding it, could be a winner.


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