Monday, January 17, 2005

Holland after Theo Van Gough Murder

I just finished an article titled "Dutch politician turning to American conservatives for ideas in reining in - and keeping out - radical Muslims" (Link Here). The most interesting part:

Geert Wilders is an MP in hiding when he is at home. He makes public appearances only when the legislature is in session. Dr. Spruyt, who has also received death threats from radical Islamists, told me that Wilders no longer has a home he can stay at. He travels with armed guards and lives on various military bases.

Exactly 911 days after the murder of another popular Dutch figure, Pim Fortuyn, the grandson of Theo Van Gogh, Vincent's brother, was slaughtered in broad daylight. He was a filmmaker who dared to do the unthinkable in Europe. He made a short film called "Submission" which dared to criticize the Islamic treatment of women.

"In broad daylight," Wilders said, " Van Gogh was shot eight or nine times, then he was stabbed several times. His throat was cut and he was almost decapitated. A five page- anti-Semitic rant was found held in place by a knife through Van Gogh's body."

Someone asked Wilders if there was any condemnation of this heinous act from moderate Muslims. He answered, " there was one or two but generally the response was silence. Television reporters went around to these moderate Muslim communities and we heard them say things like, 'he deserved it. '"

I frequently read commentators from the left, who are obsessed with the threat posed by 'fundamentalist Christianity' and 'fundamentalist Christians." As a thought experiment, read the quote again, but substitute 'Christian" for 'Muslim'. How much possible sense would it make?


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