Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Europe Commemorates the Holocaust

Mark Steyn, one of my favorite columnists, has a column on the European commemoration of the holocaust. Link.
According to a poll by the University of Bielefeld, 62 per cent of Germans are "sick of all the harping on about German crimes against the Jews" - which is an unusually robust formulation for a multiple-choice questionnaire, but at least has the advantage of leaving us in no confusion as to how things stand in this week of panEuropean Holocaust "harping on". The old joke - that the Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz - gets truer every week.(...)

If most Germans don't feel guilty about the Holocaust, there's no point pretending they do. And that's the problem with all this week's Shoah business: it's largely a charade. The European establishment that has scheduled such lavish anniversary observances for this Thursday presides over a citizenry that, even if one discounts the synagogue-arsonists and cemetery-desecrators multiplying across the Continent, is either antipathetic to Jews, or "sick of all the harping on", or regards solemn Holocaust remembrance as a useful card to have in the hand of the slyer, suppler forms of anti-Semitism to which Europe is now prone.
It was even worse when I saw a clip on Fox News last evening of a half-empty General Assembly of the United Nations holding a commemoration of the holocaust. Given the history of the United Nations, a celebration may have been more appropriate than a commemoration. If there were an anti-semitism contest between the Arab League and the United Nations, it probably would be a toss-up.


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