Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Chirac: Tax International Finance to Fight AIDS

Reuters reports the French President Jacques Chirac called for a new, international tax to fund the fight against AIDS. Link.

The experimental levy, which could be raised on international financial transactions, could generate $10 billion a year, Chirac told the World Economic Forum.

His appeal for a radical rethink of AIDS funding comes at a time when the roll-out of antiretroviral therapy (ARV) in the developing world is finally gathering momentum.

The number of people receiving treatment in poor countries has jumped 75 percent in the past year, U.N. agencies said. ARVs are now getting to 700,000 patients, up from 440,000 six months ago, meeting the World Health Organization's interim target.

I have a better idea for Jacques. Tax the French people to carry out the programs you like. Under President Bush, the American people are paying tax for a major effort to fight AIDS in Africa. France, and any other country, is free to do the same. It is amazing how French leaders can always come up with ideas for terrific programs that others would pay for. The rest of the EU pays billions to French farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy.


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