Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bush Meets with Black Leaders

Bill Sammon reports in the Washington Times that President Bush met with Black clergymen yesterday and will meet with the Congressional Black Caucus today. Link.
Instead of granting an audience to black activists who have been strongly critical of the administration, Mr. Bush huddled yesterday with a group of black ministers and executives described by the White House as "committed to improving the lives of African-Americans."
Today, the president will meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, which planned to present Mr. Bush with a legislative wish list.
"We will lay out a succinct agenda for the president which addresses the actual disparities that exist today in health care, education, economic opportunity, justice, retirement security and foreign policy," said Rep. Melvin Watt, North Carolina Democrat and caucus chairman.
"When we disagree with the president, we will stand up and do so," Mr. Watt added. "However, it is my hope that we will find common ground that will benefit all Americans."

The MSM keeps saying that the president never meets with Black "leaders," because he does not meet with Julian Bond and Jesse Jackson. What sense does it make to waste your time meeting with people whose minds are completely closed. These men have careers to protect. By shuffling hat-in-hand before Democrats, they receive millions of dollars. They would be left in the cold if Blacks were to become economically secure, as Bush's programs hope to achieve. They only are important when their "followers" are on the government dole.

This administration wants to give an ownership stake in America to all Americans. The Black clergy would love for their members to have such a stake. The Black "leaders" fear this like they fear Jim Crow. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus do not like the president, but they have a stake in getting whatever they can for their constituents, so there is a chance that they will work with him. These meetings should be far more productive than the sort that the MSM crave.


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